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Fingerprint cufflinks are a very touching gift for the father who has everything.  Equally, they make wonderful gifts for grandfathers, uncles and godfathers alike.  Cufflinks can be made with one child's print on each cuff or a different child on each cuff.  They can also be made in a larger size with two children's prints on each cuff.  For those with 3 children, a lovely solution is to add Mum's print on to the cufflink so that Dad has all his treasured people's prints captured within the silver.  All cufflinks are modern, solid and chunky in appearance and names can either be shown on the front of the cufflinks or discreetly placed on the back. Prices as follows:

Circular/Rectangular/Square Cufflinks    =   $195

Chunky Nugget Cufflinks                          =   $225 

Double Rectangular/Square Cufflinks     =   $225