Fingerprint Keyring Collection


    Keyring (2 prints)

Silver fingerprint puzzle keyring

Teardrop Keyring (up to 3 prints)

silver teardrop fingerprint keyring

Small Oval Keyring (1 print - larger oval available)

small oval fingerprint key ring

Circular Keyring (up to 3 prints)


 Dogtag Keyring

Triple Fingerprint Square Keyring





Fingerprint keyrings are a unique and quirky gift for any doting Dad.  Each piece is made in pure silver and comes with a Sterling Silver keyring component. If requested, the jigsaw puzzle keyring can have the two prints touching and the words "we just fit" engraved on the back. 

  • Small oval/dogtag keyring (maximum 1 print      = $155
  • Puzzle/oval/circle/square keyring (max 2 prints) = $205
  • Teardrop/Circle/Square keyring (max 3 prints)    = $255