Hand and Footprint Jewellery

Love Heart Pendant



Circular Pendant



Dogtag Pendant


Oval pendant



Oval Keyring 


 Dogtag Keyring


Love Heart Keyring


Circular Keyring


Hand and footprint cufflinks



Hand and footprint jewellery enables you to capture the essence of childhood.  Each piece is presented on a sterling silver (or leather) chain or keyring as shown.  A very easy to use inkless wipe kit is sent to your home and the prints can then be returned via email or post.  They are then reduced in size and etched onto the piece of jewellery of your choice.


Circle/Heart/Oval/Dogtag Pendant Necklace on sterling silver chain        = $155

Heart/Oval Locket with one hand/foot print on sterling silver chain          = $215

Heart/Oval Locket with two hand/foot prints on sterling silver chain        = $275

Square/circular cufflinks                                                                                 = $225