Your child's fingerprint is unique. Capture it in beautiful, pure silver that you will cherish forever...

At Precious Touch Jewellery we create beautiful, unique keepsakes which you will treasure forever. Each piece is custom made in pure silver and hand crafted to the highest standard. You can select from the extensive range of fingerprint or hand and footprint jewellery or you may wish to spoil yourself to a custom made piece from the modern hand stamped jewellery collection. 

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Remembrance & Keepsake Jewellery

When someone close to us passes away, the grief and sense of loss can be overwhelming.  A fingerprint or hand and footprint pendant can bring healing and comfort at such a difficult time. 

At Precious Touch, we believe that people should be remembered for their uniqueness.  Whether you have experienced pregnancy loss or the passing of a child, relative or friend, a personalised keepsake will keep the touch of your loved one’s life ever present, enabling you to feel close long after their passing. 

The memory of a loved one is precious – we offer compassion and support to create meaningful keepsakes where love lives on.