Remembrance & Memorial Jewellery

Celebrating a Life

When someone close to us passes away, the grief and sense of loss can be overwhelming. A fingerprint or hand and footprint pendant can bring healing and comfort at a difficult time.

At Precious Touch , we believe that people should be remembered for their uniqueness. Whether you have experienced pregnancy loss or the passing of a child, relative or friend, a personalised keepsake will keep the touch of your loved one’s life ever present, enabling you to feel close long after their passing.

Personal and Compassionate Service

Knowing how comforting and meaningful keepsake jewellery can be at a time of loss, Precious Touch Jewellery take great care to ensure your keepsakes are in your hands as quickly as possible.  If prints haven’t yet been obtained, we will work closely with the hospital or funeral director to ensure prints are taken.  Alternatively, you may wish for a fingerprint/hand and footprint kit to be sent to you directly.  This can be arranged by calling 0414 604 622.  We will of course provide any support and guidance that you may need at this very difficult time to create the impression.

Designing your Remembrance Jewellery

Multiple pieces of jewellery can be created for loved ones from the same fingerprint cast or hand and footprint impressions.  Once the jewellery has been created, the original cast is returned to you along with your finished jewellery.  The working resin copy is kept safely at the Precious Touch studio indefinitely, so that you can create future or replacement jewellery in the event that your precious piece is lost or stolen.  In order to choose your design, you may wish to visit the Precious Touch studio (by appointment) in Beaumaris or select your design from the website.  Your jewellery will be ready for dispatch by registered post within 2-3 weeks of your instructions being received.  

It’s a privilege to be part of such personal remembrances. Something we never take for granted.