Chunky Nugget Pendant

Stunning Chunky Nugget Thumbprint Necklace

These chunky nugget thumbprint necklaces have a very organic shape and feel to them.  They are heavier and more solid in design than the classic range of fingerprint charms and are such a tactile piece to wear.  Whereas in the classic range of fingerprint jewellery the forefinger is used, this design requires that the thumbprint be used of an adult, as the nugget has no outer border and only the most detailed portion of the print is utilised. However, a baby thumbprint nugget can be made using a tiny baby print and leaving a smooth border around the edge of the thumbprint necklace to maintain the size and weight of the piece. Names and DOB can be added to the reverse of these thumbprint keepsakes so as not to distort the organic look of these nuggets.


Chunky Nugget Thumbprint Keepsake

The thumbprint necklaces are paired with a beautiful 18” (45cm) sterling silver snake, ball or rollo chain or, if you prefer, you can select a longer chain, additional pricing as indicated on the chain selection dropdown.  The pendants measure 1.5cm x 1.5cm.  Engraving is included in the cost of your fingerprint piece and please indicate in the comments box at checkout the name/s of your loved one/s that you would like engraved and whether you would like to include DOB on the reverse of the nugget thumbprint jewellery.