Fingerprint Long Drop Earrings – Copper

Drop Earrings Personalised with the Fingerprints of Loved Ones

Copper Long Drop Earrings, personalised with the fingerprints of your loved ones. Elegantly designed, these are a stunning gift for the woman in your life who wants a unique way to keep her loved ones close to her heart.

The Copper Fingerprint Long Drop earrings are a visually stunning and contemporary style of earring, which will appeal to the most discerning of tastes.

These classic earrings are 2.2cm across with a 7cm total drop.

Also available in silver.


Once your order is placed, we will dispatch a very easy to use fingerprinting kit to you.

When you have returned the impression to our studio, we will carefully handmake your Copper Long Drop Earrings and return to you, beautifully gift wrapped.