Memorial Cufflinks

Memorial Cufflinks

Memorial jewellery enables you to create a beautiful, wearable piece of jewellery that incorporates a small amount of the ashes of your loved, ensuring that they are with you always. The memorial cufflinks are handmade with great care in sterling silver, and then incorporated with the ashes of your loved one which are combined with a coloured compound, to create a treasured keepsake and heirloom.  The ashes cufflinks are approx. 1.5cm across and can be made in any one of the 12 available colours shown – please indicate your colour selection in the comments box at checkout.


This is such an important purchase and we feel privileged to create something beautiful for you to honour your loved one.

How do I get the Ashes to you.

First of all, please know that we will treat your loved ones ashes with the utmost care and respect.

You can elect that either we send a kit to you or you can send the ashes directly to us yourself.  The kit provided comes with a small screw top container, plastic spoon, ring sizer (where appropriate) and an information sheet, instructions and a pre-addressed envelope on where to send the ashes.  If you wish to save time and send the ashes yourself, please place the ashes in a plastic zip lock bag and then double bag using a second zip lock bag ensuring all air is removed.  Please enclose a note with your full name and the name of your loved one so that this can be paired with your order.  Mailing details will be provided by email after completion of your order.  However, if you would like a kit to be sent to you, please indicate this in the comments box at checkout.

How much of the ashes do you need to make a piece of jewellery.

A teaspoon of ashes will create these beautiful memorial cufflinks. Any unused ashes will be returned with your order once it is complete.  If you feel uncertain of the amount of ashes to supply, such as when ordering multiple pieces, please feel free to call to discuss this – Gail 0414 604 622.