Stackable Ring with Fingerprint

Stackable Ring with Fingerprint

What better way to combine achieving a modern stylish look with the celebration of a special relationship in your life than with this stunning stackable ring with your loved one’s actual fingerprint in copper or silver.  This chunky nugget fingerprint ring is a very modern look and captures every unique feature of your loved one’s fingerprint.  The copper is a beautiful contrast to the stackable silver rings and creates a very unique look.  Alternatively, you can opt for the all silver stackable rings which are a more classic take on this fingerprint ring stack.






This ring comprises 5 solid silver bands which are all 2mm thick.  The configuration is 2 X 2 linked bands together with a separate band which forms the copper (or silver) fingerprint ring centrepiece.  The central fingerprint nugget is approximately 1.5cm in width but may vary very slightly in accordance with the custom nature of this piece.  If your loved one’s’ fingerprint is adult in size and exceeds 1.5cm in diameter, then the most detailed portion or their print is utilised.

The ordering process is very simple – once your order is placed, you will be despatched a very easy to use fingerprint kit to obtain the unique print of your family member.  This kit is fool proof and can be used over and over until you are happy with the print result that you have obtained.  You will also be sent a ring sizing kit which is equally as straightforward to use. You then return both the fingerprint impression together with your ring size to Precious Touch Jewellery in order that work can commence on your special piece.